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Artist Statement:
"As a fine art photographer with numerous varying artistic influences including Edward Burtynsky, Marilyn Bridges, Wynn Bullock and Man Ray, I am constantly exploring my environment from diverse angles, aspiring to always see differently.   Through aerial photography, I have developed my fine art concentration into a unique body of work called, “Aerial Observations”.   Photographing from the air has allowed me to abstract from particular landscapes, various colors, textures, and shades of our waters and land creating painterly images that shed unusual perspectives of everyday panoramas. 

Generally leaving out representational elements within the images of my “Aerial Observations” series leaves the viewer little or no reference to reality and challenges their perception of the mystery within the natural form, shape and line.  Furthering their mystique, many of my images are difficult to distinguish the immense areas from images that may have been created close up from a ground standpoint.  These images draw the observer in and disconnect them from present technology as they are left in disbelief that the images are natural forms not designed within the realm of digital manipulation.  Presenting this unique perspective for the viewer excites their imagination and interpretation, while at the same time, creates a new awareness and appreciation for the fragile ecological systems that surround us that can be taken for granted."  

All images are available for your corporate or private collection.  Kindly inquire about limited edition print pricing, framing, and/or exhibition opportunities. Click thumbnail to view larger image.

Zephyr Aerial Observations Series - printed 2016

Aerial Observations One Series

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